Her  Christmas Cowboy

a novella

Ginger Townsend’s first mistake was marrying Ross Calhoun. He’s a bull rider, a Texan through and through. The daughter of a vagabond cowboy, Ginger could see that Ross lacked a forever gene, but she foolishly believed her love for him could conquer their differences. She was wrong.

She knew how much rodeo meant to him, so instead of making him choose, she walked away. Too late she realized that she was carrying his child.

Ross knows he’s made some colossal screw-ups of his own. Yes, their marriage was a failure, but keeping Nora from him is unforgiveable. He thought they were meeting to discuss a divorce, not anything as life changing as a toddler.

Despite his anger with Ginger, he finds himself wondering what forever would be like. He’s grown up since he and Ginger parted ways. He can’t ride forever. Maybe it’s time for him to settle down.

Ginger wants to believe that Ross has changed, that a second chance might be just what they need. But has she been blinded by his infectious cowboy smile? She can’t let herself fall victim to his charms again. There’s much more at stake this go ‘round.

Ross tries to forgive her, and she tries to understand his way of life as they work together for Nora’s sake. But working together turns to much more as their desire for each other rekindles. Now they must sort through their differences, realign their hopes and dreams for the future, or face certain heartbreak once again.

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