Welcome to my new Loveless Texas Series!

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Have you ever read a book that you would love to share with a neighbor or friend? Or maybe even your daughter or niece, but the sexual content was a little too racy? This series has two versions and now you can share the story!

mom and daughter

If you love sweet romances, the black and white covers are for you. Is a sexy, contemporary romance more your thing? Stick with full color. What’s the difference? The sweet romances still center around the couple, but they contain no open-door bedroom scenes. That’s not to say that they don’t have their share of awareness and tension between the main characters. After all, we fall in love with our eyes first. 🙂 So PG-13 to be sure. Each version is essentially the same–just the sweet version has no bedroom scenes. Now you both can read the book and talk about the romance, the relationship, and the plot points without having to worry about the content. And it works in the other direction as well!

The contemporary romances are still small town, romances, just with complete love scenes. But you’ll find no 50 Shades here. These are traditional romances, filled with emotion and realism. Isn’t it time to get back to the basics?

I’m so glad you’re coming on this journey with me! Loveless is a great little Texas town filled with fabulous people, a few interesting characters, and plenty of love to go around–regardless of the town’s name.

I hope you’ll find something in this series that fits for you.

Thanks for reading!

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